A feast for all

A Feast Every Day, for the animals too. 🎄

‘Christmas is the feast of light and peace. We celebrate life and look out for each other. Eating animals, which always involves multiple forms of violence, is not in line with the Christmas spirit. But how wonderful is it that vegan cuisine has grown and developed so much in recent years? Whether you want to put a big roast on the table or create a sophisticated dish, there are fantastic animal-friendly options available! And what tastes better than knowing that nothing or nobody has had to suffer or die for your menu. Peace on earth, peace on your plate.


These three recipes will shine on your Christmas dinner table with their festive exuberance. The salad cocktail is inspired by the classic crab cocktail that my parents used to serve as a Christmas starter. The seitan stew is full of rich, warm flavors and is very easy to make. The sticky toffee pudding is a rich, wintery dessert and is delicious with a cup of espresso or black tea. Perfect for a stress-free Christmas to surprise your guests with!’

– Maartje Borst


For more animal-friendly Christmas menus, please visit maneatplant.com

Photography by Lisette Kreischer


Veggie salad cocktail

Seitan stew

Sticky toffee pudding

Maartje Borst is a vegan chef. For the past years, she has been running her own bakery in Amsterdam, Koffie ende Koeck , which serves all sorts of special plant-based delicacies. She has already published Taart ende Koeck and recently she surprised the world with her new cookbook ‘Elke Dag Feest’ (A Feast Every Day). Botanical scents and flavors enrich her creations and her loving vision on the world and on life can be tasted in her delicious recipes. Check out here for more info and to find her new book