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Sam is a pig of almost 9 years old who has given birth to 240 piglets since she was first impregnated at 6 months old. Never did she have a chance to see her babies grow, nor have space to mother them. She was bred into existence to serve the meat industry.

But this will be no more, because Sam has been rescued by Melief Animal Sanctuary. For the first time in her short life, she will not sleep on a concrete floor, or between metal bars. Now, she gets to put her head down on a warm bed of straw. For the first time, she has given birth to her babies surrounded by humans that love her and has become a mother that can actually nourish her children.

After 9 years, she experiences what it is like to be a pig. Her life and those of her babies will be told in memory and honor of the 1.5 billion pigs that are slaughtered across the world every year.

In the documentary ‘My Mom Sam’, produced by House of Animals, we will follow Sam and 5 of her piglets for over a year to show the world what kind of beings pigs truly are. In the Netherlands alone there are more than 13 million pigs living behind the walls of the industry, but no one knows their heats. How smart they actually are, what they like, what they love, what makes them angry, happy or sad remains a mystery.

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