Sam’s Calendar

The end of the year is at our fingertips! Our thoughts go in all kinds of directions when we look back at what’s behind us

In Sam’s life, 2021 was the year for change, motherhood, imaginativeness and compassion. From one day to the other, she did not have to live on a hard metal floor, but rather pillows of fresh, crispy hay became the new home for her and her babies.


The piglets were born and from there, it felt like we were watching a field of endless wildflowers bursting into colors. From taking their first steps out in the sunshine, to having their first taste of an autumn feast. And also for Sam, because for the first time in her life, she could live together with her young as it always should have been.


It warms our heart how Sam’s story can continue to thrive along with her piglets’. Looking forward to the year of the launch of our documentary, we hope that many more will follow!


Speaking of the new year, how about a little something to keep Sam’s story alive in your home? Melief has once more come out with their annual calendar – only this time it’s dedicated to Sam.


Lisette captured and selected the pictures of Sam and her family, Maria wrote a couple of lines to set the mood for the month, and graphic designer Katharina Hofmann brought everything together in a wonderful design.


Order yours at the Melief website or receive it by becoming a regular donor for House of Animals, and start the year with a little piece of Sam and babies!