Just like Sharky, Bumblebee had some challenges after she was born. Her immune system was weak and she had real trouble drinking; first from Sam, but later also from the bottle. Although she was bigger than Sharky, her nature was not as fervent. Instead, she was filled with sweetness – almost dripping with honey. We are totally in love with her. She is mellow, kind and gentle – her long list of struggles in her already short life had us worried. But just like Sharky, we were over the moon to see her pull through.


Once she was able to rejoin her siblings, the difference between her and Sharky was made crystal clear. She did not claim her space, and was happy to let others take charge. But this simply made her think of new ways to find companionship and fun. She loves to run around by herself and spin out of control and play with the dogs that live at Melief. And she loves Sharky and Sharky loves her. We are delighted to see their bond has stayed intact. 


Little honey, little Bumblebee, we are so happy you are here with us!