Oh, Hippo, our teddy bear. Hippo is that one who just flows through life. He was healthy and strong when he was born. He could drink like a tiger from Sam. With him, growing up was everything but a bumpy road. It was more of a tranquil sweep of a river, which we can see reflected in his character.


He is kind, gentle and present. He knows his place, claims his space and is confident. He just is. It’s uncomplicated. He has absolutely nothing to worry about. He loves his siblings, he loves Sam and he loves humans and they all love him. Some would say he is the image of serene and peaceful living – we don’t disagree. 


When Marc and Lothar call him, he always oinks back. When you approach him, he plops down, rolls onto his back and shows off his belly for a good rub. Yes, we might call him Hippo, but he is a true teddy bear at heart.