Bunny is our big sweetheart, with a sprinkle of spice. Some days, she prefers to stay close and have a cuddle with Sam. Even though she’s one of the biggest of the bunch, she’s a true mama’s girl. You’ll often find her falling asleep at the nipple after a good suckle.


On other days, she’d rather show her fierce side. She stands her ground, and sets her boundaries towards her brothers and sisters. Sometimes, she can even be a little snappy, especially when she’s sharing a special moment with mommy. 


We love to see her courage and presence grow as time goes by, and how they reflect on how she protects her space. At the same time, she’s learning to stay gentle and light.


We love all sides of her personality, and support her in finding even more confidence so she knows she is safe, and there is no need to protect anything.