Tapir, our middle child. Smaller than Hippo and Bunny, but bigger than Sharky and Bumblebee. In fact, he  has been in-between everything since birth.


After the piglets were born, and Sharky and Bumblebee were taken care of and bottle-fed by Lothar and Marc, Tapir was just big enough to stay with Sam and his siblings. He was just strong enough to drink the milk he needed, but it was no trouble to get him a little extra with the bottle in the barn.


Then, just when he was growing bigger, he got an umbilical hernia for which he needed surgery. He made it through alright, but did endure some trauma. Thankfully, he sees life with optimism, and seems to process everything just fine. We are happy to see him running around the grounds of Melief and getting stronger by the day.


He is just the sweetest little kid, who likes to be petted like nothing else. Cuddling is at the top of the list of his favourite things – when you find his sweet spot, he immediately surrenders and tumbles down for a loving rub.