Have you noticed all the beautiful photos we post on this account? That’s Lisette Kreischer. She’s a herbalist and an activist, but most of all she’s truly a peacemaker who wants peace and justice for every living creature on this planet. 


Lisette is a warrior, the most gentle you will ever know. With her 12(!) books, plant-based burger brand The Dutch Weed Burger, her knowledge about the power of plants and photography skills, she is extremely talented. 


Not only does she create beautiful shots of Sam and the piglets, but she’s also the anchor of the team who together with Karen sets this project in motion. Lisette took a deep dive into the world of pigs and got to know all kinds of little facts and details about these amazing creatures. The information you read on this page and some parts you will discover later in the documentary is collected by Lisette. It’s an honor to have her in our team!