Not only is Robert an experienced, Tile-winning journalist (the most important Dutch award for journalism) and documentary maker. Silently, he is also an activist with a high social engagement and a big heart. We are proud and grateful to have him on our team.


As a documentary maker and activist, Robert has made two documentaries for the Party for the Animals. In 2015, One Single Planet on sustainability issues with possible solutions to secure the liveability of the earth for future generations. In 2019 he was the producer-director of Powerplant, on the prospects of a plant-based society.


In our team, Robert is responsible for shooting a beautiful and inspiring motion picture about Sam’s life and her children. We have no doubts about the documentary being more than an opportunity to educate about the brilliantly intelligent species pigs are, and we are sure that it will also widen people’s hearts and eyes to love these pink beings as our friends, not food.