Marc & Lothar

In life, we need the ones who shine on stage and the ones who build it. Sam and her pink blossoms are definitely shining their light into the world, but the team behind Melief Animal Sanctuary is building the stage. We have the deepest respect and admiration for this beautiful sanctuary in Germany and its founders Marc and Lothar, who have been rescuing and caring for animals in need for many, many years now.


Lothar has been pivotal in the story of Sam. He was the one she first met and when she knew the grounds of Melief were a safe space, he was the one she opened up to. When she arrived, he spoke gentle words and massaged her pregnant belly. When she gave birth, he was the first to witness Sam’s incredible nurturing instincts of motherhood.


He has been nourishing and caring for Sam and her piglets around the clock, and is the constant factor they can count on at any time of the day; making him very valuable during this whole adventure and for which we are extremely grateful.